Two up and an infinite amount to go!

Today was DOPE!!! I had two appointments to get our book ‘This Milk Tastes Good!’ on the shelves that went almost exactly how I envisioned them to go…

First up, store 1.
I arrive.
They’re expecting me.
I start to pull the agreed upon amount of books out of my book bag and she says, “So, do you know how we’re doing this?”
Time stills.
My face says, ‘whadayamean HOW?’
Her face says, ‘whadyamean you don’t know either?’
Two phone calls placed, both seeking clarity.
One answers.
Contract signed.
Square swiped.
Off to the next store!

Store 2.
With whom I anticipated a lengthy meeting…
Asked for a copy for review and consideration.
Saw the book.
Flipped through.
Turned and said, “Oh yes we’ll carry this here! When can I get more copies?!”
I dig into my half emptied book bag and reply, “well, I just so happen to have ten more right here!
Contract signed.
First book sold off the self in less than an hour!!!
I couldn’t have written a better short film (life imitates art… 😉



Educator vs Teacher

Preface: I’m not a blogger. Ok now that that’s out of the way…

I do not consider myself a “teacher” I prefer to be called an educator. An educator provides information and the student teaches themselves by using that information.

With that being said, I love my students! They are all very unique extensions of me…and I of them.

Last week, we had an open discussion about…wait for it…HUMPTY DUMPTY! Through reciting his tale, we discovered that the entire story was only three/four sentences! So, I gave them the challenge of creating a picture book using one keyword, a minimum of four sentences and an illustration for each one. Let’s just say that I didn’t know how receptive the two groups would be to the project but, the week proved to be very successful! Each of them presented their completed projects to their peers and parents!!! Laughter lingered into dismissal.

Now, if you know anything about me, this isn’t the first time I’ve had a group (or two) complete comics and/or children’s books. What makes this past week special is that they only had three days to write, sketch, storyboard, illustrate, ink, outline and finalize their books…I’m elated that I was able to, not only witness their achievements but, I actually completed my own eight page book along with them!

This week, I’m collaborating with two other educators by having the youth team up to create two scenes for the clay puppets that they’re making. They’re using tempera paint (primary colors only) in two ways…1) using the bold colors and their mixed secondaries as usual. 2) water the tempera paints so that they’re comparable to watercolor. I’m looking forward to seeing their stories and clay puppets come to fruition.