My creations Hooked and Loopyed into life

I’m in awe!

We met a two Saturdays ago at the Fenton Street Market. Since I was familiar with her work I placed an order. Two crocheted dolls of characters that I’ve developed. Each would be over a foot tall and have to have all of the detail that I utilize when illustrating them.

In the moment that Sarah, of “Hooked and Loopy addictive knit and crotchet“, saw the images on my phone she said, “Ooo those will be a challenge, fun but challenging!” I immediately began to rethink my double order. Perhaps reducing it to a one doll trial run would be the best way to go…but, I stuck to my gut and went for it!

I made the deposit and a few days later, I finally emailed my children’s book characters, Patrick (A Boy Called Patches) and Malcolm (‘I Won’t Eat That!’) to her…the ball was now in Sarah’s court.

Throughout the week Sarah expressed how excited she was to be working on them. I confessed of my anxiousness and that I was tempted to ask for some behind the scenes/ in progress photos but I refrained, wanting to be thoroughly surprised at what she created.


Needing to pay my balance, Sarah and I corresponded to make arrangements and much to my surprise she informed me that both Patrick and Malcolm were finished! Which leads me to why I’m in such awe…

They arrive at our agreed upon location (and by they I mean, Sarah and her daughter) we greet, make the proper introduction and then the first awe moment happened. This beautiful young lady smiled with such a richness that it practically floored me. Turns out that she actually liked the characters and kinda watched Mom work on them. Then came that moment when Sarah starts to pull them out of their carrying bag and I instantly covered my eyes and turned my back…when the two them told me that I could turn around, I did and this is what I saw:

Dope right?! Okay, okay, okay, you have to see them beside their illustrations and then PLEASE tell me what you think! Ready?!<a


Sarah is GOOD and she’s QUICK!!! This was me right after meeting them both in this form:


I’m V. Kuroji Patrick and I love


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