“Scapes” & Cubed Characters


In my classroom, I often feel like I’m the guy in those insurance commercials, the ones where he asks a few children a question and they give the most unexpected responses…except I’m sitting down at a long table with a group of young artist having concentrated conversations…with that being said, I love the way my students think! (I should be recording them!)

We had fun today! Two groups. Two different projects.

The first, cityscapes and landscapes and boy did I receive a very well articulated art history lesson about them both! Four students re-enlightened me as well as their other nine peers with accurate usage of vocabulary, description and comparison.

So now they’re set to start and you could feel the artistic energy fill the room! Idea atop idea here are a few of the “scapes” that they created:


The second group entered my classroom with questions in cue! Commence Q&A…”What are we doing today?” “Can we do…?” “Are we doing cartooning again?!, Please?!” (Of the three, the third touched a certain place in my pen!)

So, I instructed them do a “cubed cartoon” project…what that means is that they’d have to illustrate their characters from four different views…

1. Front
2. Right
3. Back
4. Left

20130801-190222.jpg Here’s one that was completed…

20130801-190734.jpg Try it with your children, see what they come up with!

Well, I’m off until the next art class!
Be creative, you may surprise yourself!


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