It’s World Breastfeeding Week and Month!

Wow it’s been a little more than a year now since my wife and I released our breastfeeding children’s book: ‘This Milk Tastes Good!’ 20130801-193916.jpg
and the fact that our little ol’ collaboration is the first breastfeeding children’s book that features a Black family AND that there is now at least one copy on every continent is so amazing to us both! Thank you!

It has also been a little over a year since we did a sing-a-long at the 1st ever Great Nurse-In on the grounds of the U.S. Capital. 20130802-064703.jpg Such an amazing experience! Grand parents, parents and children alike sang along with us and showed our family an abundance of love.

The networking has been invaluable. Meeting so many people from all walks of life, collaborations with different organizations…and the extended family that has been gained is terrific! Whoever said that “word of mouth” doesn’t work, lied! We’ve been contacted by friends of people that have met us, received phone calls from mothers of new mothers seeking nursing advice, we have our books in stores because someone “heard” about it. Word of mouth truly does work and we’re thankful!

We’ve had multiple opportunities to do workshops with expectant teenage parents (notice I didn’t say mothers) 20130802-093322.jpg20130802-093330.jpg20130802-093342.jpg

I know this is “MY” blog and I could pull out my soap-box if I felt like it but, I’ll just say this for now…


We don’t become a parent after the physical birth of the child AND the mother isn’t the only one going through a transformation…with that being said, my wife and I have done presentations for healthcare professionals on how to involve fathers more (not how TO GET fathers involved) as well as on child and maternal health for healthcare professionals…20130802-094131.jpg

We also speak to the importance of what our children actually see long before they become parents. 20130802-094555.jpg

As I conclude, I’d be upset at myself if I didn’t mention a couple other highlights of this past year…The ILCA, (International Lactation Consultants Association) Conference in Orlando, Fl…again I cannot stress how important the networking has been…We’ve actually been asked to present at the 2014 conference in Arizona!

This year, the acknowledgements that have come our way and still come our way are breath taking. I’m honored to say that I am the very first recipient of the Liberated Muse “heART” Award for utilizing my art to educate the community.


Friends again called on us to present at the 2nd ROSE Summit in Atlanta, GA. Where once again, the love poured our way when we concluded!

20130826-160014.jpg It was another experience that has had an immeasurable reach in the Nationwide Breastfeeding Community…

Lastly, I’m am also 1of three newest inductees into the Medela ‘Breastfeeding Hall of Excellence’ and the community award recipient! An honor that I’m still in awe of…I am/ we are truly humbled by the support that we’ve received and continue to receive…